Shower Hose To Wash Your Dog


    • ONE CLICK ON/OFF BUTTON: With this dog shower hose, you can turn the water on and off with one hand. This leaves the other hand free to massage in the soap or hold onto the dog so he doesn’t squirm away.
    • WATER STREAM CONTROL: The shower tool is on your palm so you can guide the water exactly where you want it to go. Spray a lot less water for a smaller mess and a cleaner dog.
    • ADJUSTABLE SHOWER GLOVE: The dog shower sprayer secures onto your arm with a band. Suitable for men or women on either hand, it fits comfortably so you can give your pet a thorough cleaning with this massaging shower glove.
    • BATHE AND BRUSH IN ONE: This shower tool has a silicone brush that lets you rub and scrub your pet while streaming with water. Massage the shampoo into the fur and rinse with the cat shower sprayer for a deep cleansing pets love.
    • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR: This dog washing shower attachment includes adapters for an indoor shower bath tub and an outdoor garden hose. Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, or goats, this shower tool speeds up bath time and reduces the amount of water used.

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    Dog bathtime is fun again!

    Use this shower tool to give your pet a comforting massage that’s really a deep lather cleansing.

    Bathing your pet is a messy hassle. Lot’s of sprayed water all over the place, dirty tracks on the walls and floors, and sad puppy eyes.

    Sometimes cleaning your pet can also mean kicks, and bruises, and painful howls.

    Bathing your pet is necessary. Aggravating your pet is not.

    Order this easy to use Poodle Pet Shower Tool for a fun and relaxing grooming experience.

    Benefits of using Pet Shower Sprayer & Scrubber:

    • Fast bathing time
    • Relaxed bathing time
    • Less mess

    Where to use this shower attachment to wash your dog:

    • In the bathtub
    • On your lawn
    • In the barn

    It’s safe and fun for your dog, cat, horse or goat.


    • 8 foot hose
    • Shower adapter
    • Garden hose adapter
    • Quick-disconnect attachment
    • Shower glove

    Make bathtime fun again with Poodle Pet’s Purple Shower Sprayer!


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