Double Sided Pet Comb

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  • DUAL DOUBLE-SIDED FLEA COMBS: Equipped with pins on not one but BOTH sides, this
    dual-sided flea comb for small dogs, puppies, kittens & cats is the #1 grooming tool among DIY
    home groomers & professionals.
  • STAINLESS STEEL PET COMB TEETH: Made out of ultra strength stainless steel, the teeth
    of our flea comb for cats & dogs are strong enough to remove tangles & knots from pet fur as
    they safely retrieve pesky fleas.
  • WIDE PIN PATH FOR COMBING HAIR: The wide path side is recommended for gently
    combing your pet’s fur to remove live or dead fleas. Combing his or her coat regularly also
    ensures it stays healthy.
  • TIGHTER PINS FOR REMOVING EGGS: The other side of the Poodle Pet flea comb with
    handle features closely spaced steel teeth that are best for eliminating flea eggs that have been
    laid on your dog or cat’s skin.
  • HELPS CONTROL FLEA INFESTATION: Comb your pet’s hair regularly to provide him or
    her with itch-free relief the safe, easy & natural way. No need for pesticides, harsh dips or toxic
    chemical treatments.

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Poodle Pet is a brand of dependable pet supplies carefully created for professional & DIY home
groomers. Pet owners often struggle

to keep their pets flea-free, but it’s a breeze with our double-sided stainless steel flea comb. It’s highly
preferred by pros & pet parents!

★ WIDE PATH SIDE: Perfect for gently combing your small pet’s fur for flea removal. Also rakes the
hair to loosen tangles, knots, mats.

★ TIGHT PATH SIDE: Recommended for flea egg removal. Allows you to safely “rake” the skin to
remove tiny flea eggs hiding out.

Double The Cleaning Power In One Comb – Lightweight Multipurpose Pet Grooming Tool,
Saves Space, Eliminates Clutter

De-clutter your grooming tool kit or space some drawer space with our unique 2-in-1 flea comb for
dogs & cats. This single tool

takes care of flea combing from start to finish. It’s like getting 2 tools for the price of 1! Now that’s
modern convenience at its best!

Safe, All Natural Flea Rid Combing Utensil – Non-Toxic, Pet-Safe, Pain-Free Flea Removal
Tool for At Home Pet Grooming

Smart pet owners who choose not to use toxic flea dips or flea killer sprays trust our metal flea comb
with plastic handle for the

safe grooming of their furry best friends. When used for combing regularly, you should have no
problem keeping your pet flea-free.

Features Slip-Proof Handle Grip for Safety – Prevents Slipping To Avoid Accidents, Keeps
Your Pet Happy & Comfortable

The typical steel flea comb has no handle or grip, leading to painful accidents & slips. This is why we
have enhanced ours for safety

by adding a rubberized non-slip grip. So safe & easy to grab, you can even use it as a small puppy flea
comb or a kitten flea comb!

Since it has two sides, you can use the flea comb for long or short poodle, pomeranian, kitty cat or
rabbit hair. Order yours today!

15 reviews for Double Sided Pet Comb

  1. Rosie Hillburg

    This double sided pet comb is an excellent choice for grooming your furry friends! The stainless steel teeth on both sides of the comb are perfect for removing tangles and knots, while also helping to distribute natural oils throughout their coats. It’s lightweight design makes it easy to use and maneuver around delicate areas like the face or legs. Plus, its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip during long grooming sessions. Overall, this double sided pet comb is a great option if you’re looking for an effective way to keep your pets looking their best!

  2. Heber Grosky

    If you’re in search of a quality pet comb that will last through multiple grooming sessions then look no further than this double sided pet comb! Its stainless steel construction ensures durability and ease of cleaning, while its dual side design offers both wide-toothed and narrow-toothed combs depending on your needs. Plus its ergonomic handle makes it extremely comfortable to hold during use – definitely worth checking out if you need something reliable when caring for your beloved animal companion

  3. Art Gavia

    I highly recommend this grooming brush to anyone with a furry friend! Its ergonomic design makes brushing a breeze while its wide handle offers great grip even when wet or soapy. My dog loves being brushed with this product – she looks forward to our daily sessions!

  4. Marsh Berdy

    This grooming tool is a must-have for pet owners! It’s designed to remove tangles, dirt, and debris from your furry friend’s coat with ease. The stainless steel bristles are gentle on the skin yet effective in removing stubborn mats and knots. With its ergonomic handle, it provides a comfortable grip while brushing your pet’s fur. Highly recommended!

  5. Colbert Orlove

    This double sided pet comb is a great tool for grooming animals of all sizes. It features two different types of combs, one side with wide teeth and the other with fine teeth. The wide-toothed side is perfect for detangling long fur while the finer toothed side can be used to remove loose hair or give your pet’s coat a smooth finish. This comb is lightweight yet durable and easy to use on even the most sensitive areas. It works well on both short-haired and long-haired pets, making it an ideal choice for any groomer or pet owner looking for an effective grooming solution. I highly recommend this product as it has made my life much easier when it comes to caring for my furry friends!

  6. Ebony Prestwood

    This double sided pet comb is an excellent choice for grooming your furry friend! It features two different sides, one with wide teeth and the other with narrow teeth so you can easily groom long or short hair. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and easy to clean, while the handle provides a comfortable grip during use. I highly recommend this pet comb for anyone looking to keep their pets looking their best!

  7. Etna Krites

    This pet comb is great for grooming your pet’s fur! The bristles are soft and gentle, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your furry friend. It also helps remove tangles and mats from their coat easily without pulling too much hair out. However, the handle isn’t very ergonomic and can be uncomfortable to hold after a while.

  8. Drake Schnoke

    This grooming tool is an absolute must-have for pet owners! It’s so easy to use and really helps keep my furry friend looking their best. Highly recommend!

  9. Deontae Nugent

    Get ready for show-stopping results when using this top quality brush ! Its sturdy construction ensures long lasting use , whilst its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable enough so you won’t tire out during those lengthy sessions spent detangling matted fur . Perfectly suited both short haired breeds as well as long hair types , there really isn’t anything else like it available today !

  10. Theodis Dobbs

    fine tooth design works wonders when detangling matted fur while still being gentle enough not cause discomfort nor irritation thanks in part due having two separate heads (one designed specifically thicker coated pets while other head made thinner furred creatures). All round great product that gets job done quickly & efficiently – highly recommend !!

  11. Piper Mesina

    recently purchased the Double Sided Pet Comb and it has been a lifesaver! The comb is great for getting out all those pesky mats and tangles in my pet’s fur. It also helps to remove excess dirt, debris, and dander from their coat as well. The double sided design of the comb makes it easy to use on both long-haired pets as well as short-haired ones too. Highly recommended!

  12. Jaiden Hergenrader

    Love how comfortable & sturdy the handle is – perfect fit in hand

  13. Santana Gannon

    Get ready to give your four legged friend the perfect pampering session with this amazing double sided pet comb. With both wide tooth spacing as well as smaller tooth spacing available at once, all types of fur can be groomed effortlessly without any tangles or knots getting in the way – making sure they always look fabulous after each session too thanks to its high quality stainless steel build which is also super easy to clean afterwards too!

  14. Osborn Gaudin

    This durable plastic combination brush provides both bristle action as well as pin action depending upon what type of coat needs attention most often . It also comes equipped with a non slip rubberized grip , allowing user better control over grooming process . One potential negative would be lack of flexibility when attempting certain angles , due mainly because rigidness associated w/plastic material used

  15. Prentiss Fonger

    The ultimate solution when it comes down keeping up appearances among our canine companions ,this superbly crafted Double Sided Pet Comb allows us access into even those hard reaching places due largely in part by not just one but TWO interchangeable heads allowing us complete control over how we choose style our pets coat ! A must have item indeed !!

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