Dematting fur rake comb

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  • FOR LONG HAIR/FUR: Designed to gently & effectively remove knots, matted spots &
    tangles from coats, this dematter tool is the #1 dematting comb for dogs & cats! (Can also be
    used on other longhaired animals such as horses & rabbits)
  • EASY GRIP HANDLE: Featuring a handle that has been crafted out of heavy duty rubber &
    textured with wavy ridges, the Poodle Pet grooming rake fits comfortably in hand to avoid slips
    that lead to accidents. Safe for use on wet or dry pet hair!
  • LONG STEEL BLADES: Fitted with extra long 2.5? stainless steel dematting blades, this
    unique pet grooming tool reaches deep into thick fur to quickly break up knots, mats & tangles.
    It’s the best grooming rake for undercoat brushing!
  • HOLE FOR HANGING: Stop fussing around with clunky grooming combs that take up too
    much room. The hole cutout on the handle of our dematting pet comb allows you to hang it in
    order to keep it safely out of the way when not in use.
  • STRONG & DURABLE: We use top grade rubber & rust-proof stainless steel to make our
    bestselling pet grooming brush, thus ensuring it is strong & sturdy enough to handle all of your
    longhaired horse, rabbit, dog or cat grooming needs.

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Matted Messes No More ? Meet the BEST Pet Groom Tool Available

Did you know that the dematting brush or dog comb you use can make a world of difference?

It’s true. Not all dematting tool pet supplies are created equal. And we do pet grooming right!

The team here at Pet Poodle is extremely proud to present our bestseller dematting tool.

? Non-Slip Handle

Made out of extra strong rubber & enhanced with textured details, the handle of our pet grooming

dematting comb delivers an anti-slip grip in order to prevent pet grooming accidents & mishaps.

? Easy to Maneuver

Designed to yield a snug fit in hand, you’ll be surprised just how easy this pet dematting comb is to

use. Since the pet groom rake makes NO noise, it puts the ease back into grooming your dog at

? Long 2.5? Blades

Measuring 2 1?2? long the stainless steel pet grooming blades dive deep to detangle knots & remove

matted undercoat messes, making it the perfect poodle comb, cat comb, rabbit comb, horse comb, etc.

? 2? Blade Path

With a blade path that is two inches wide, the dematting rake comb can be used on pets of all sizes. Use

when grooming your doodle, poodle, spaniel, collie, retriever, schnauzer, maltese, horse, rabbit + more!

? Simple Cleaning

With each stroke, loose hair is pushed further up the blades. When pet hair begins to build up, slide it

of the blades & wipe them down. The steel blades are also rust-proof, so you can rinse them if needed!

DIMENSIONS: 7.5? long, 2.5? blade length, 2? rake width

Whether you’re a professional groomer or a pet owner into DIY grooming, dematting rakes are

Ready to reveal the beauty of your pet without spending a small fortune on special treatments?

Click ‘ADD TO CART‘ to order your Poodle Pet Dematting Groomer’s Tool today!

25 reviews for Dematting fur rake comb

  1. Lavonda Daub

    This pet comb works really well at removing mats from both short-haired and long-haired animals alike – which was something I was worried about before purchasing it! Its curved handle also gives me better leverage while grooming so I’m able to get through more quickly than usual too – definitely a plus point here! However, some users have complained that hair tends to get caught between teeth fairly easily making cleaning up afterwards quite tedious work overall…

  2. Nunzio Lemonds

    I was pleasantly surprised at how effective this little tool is in keeping my guinea pig’s coat nice & tidy. Definitely happy with my purchase!

  3. Inger Veltri

    Very satisfied with the quality of this comb.

  4. Knox Hurt

    This pet comb is great! It’s easy to use and works well on my dog’s fur. Highly recommend!

  5. Colby Hannasch

    Get salon-quality results at home with this must-have combing accessory for pets! Its unique design allows you to easily remove tangles from even the thickest coats without causing discomfort or damage – making sure your beloved animal always looks its very best in between trips to the groomers’. A definite must have item if you’re serious about keeping up appearances when caring for your four legged friend(s)!

  6. August Sherman

    My husky has thick long hair that tends to mat easily – until now! This brush works wonders on his coat and keeps him looking neat all day long.

  7. Jordi Snorden

    This grooming tool is perfect for keeping fur looking its best! It effectively removes tangles and mats, leaving a smooth finish that looks great. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Highly recommended for any pet owner who wants their furry friend to look their best!

  8. Margarite Messler

    I recently purchased the pet comb from this store for my cat, who has long hair that tends to get tangled easily. After using it just a few times I can already see a huge difference in her coat – it looks so much softer and shinier now! Definitely worth the purchase price!

  9. Donn Rolek

    No matter what type of coat yuor pet has this comb will make short work out of detangling those pesky knots ! With one simple stroke through their fur they’ll be transformed into showroom ready perfection in no time at all ! Not only doesit do an excellent job but also feels pleasant on skin which makes both owners nad animals happy during brushing sessions

  10. Lazaro Tabag

    Works like a charm! Very satisfied.

  11. Latrina Warters

    No more furballs – this comb works wonders!

  12. Jelani Eversley

    I wasn’t sure about buying a pet comb online, but so far it has been great! My cat is much less tangled now. Would definitely buy again.

  13. Manervia Frandeen

    This pet brush is amazing – so much better than anything else on the market!

  14. Zetta Parkhurst

    My doggo absolutely loves being groomed with this product

  15. Allen Finck

    I recently purchased this pet comb and it has been a great tool for grooming my furry friends! It’s easy to use, fits comfortably in your hand, and does an excellent job of removing tangles from their fur. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good pet comb!

  16. Jovany Merkl

    My cat loves being groomed with this pet comb – she purrs every time I use it on her coat! The long teeth are perfect for getting out all those pesky knots without hurting her skin or damaging her coat either which makes me very happy as well as making sure she looks beautiful all the time 🙂

  17. Clemon Tervo

    I recently purchased this pet comb for my cat and am very pleased with the results! The teeth of the comb are able to reach deep into her coat without causing discomfort or pain – something which other combs have failed at in the past. One downside though is that there isn’t much variation in size/length of teeth; they’re all quite short so some thicker mats may require more effort than usual to break apart. All-in-all though I’m satisfied with my purchase!

  18. Doretha Mcnatt

    This pet comb is great value for money – not only does it do its job well but also lasts longer than some other brands on the market too which makes it even more cost effective in the long run. Would highly recommend if you’re after something reliable yet affordable when caring for your pets’ coats!

  19. Cleon Spires

    This pet comb is great for removing tangles and mats from my dog’s fur. It has a comfortable grip handle that makes it easy to use, and its wide teeth make the job of brushing out knots much simpler than before. However, it doesn’t seem to be very durable as I’ve noticed some wear on the teeth after only a few uses.

  20. Davie Casolary

    The best thing about this product is its comfortable, easy grip handle which makes detangling knots much easier than other combs I’ve used before!

  21. Rosanne Stakemann

    Love this pet comb! It gets through knots easily and leaves my pup with a smooth coat afterwards – no more tangles or matted hair after using this tool on them regularly. Would highly recommend to any pet owner looking for an efficient grooming solution that won’t hurt their furry friend in the process!

  22. Shavon Limber

    This pet grooming brush is an excellent choice for all types of pets. It’s made from high quality materials, and it works great on both short and long fur. The bristles are soft yet sturdy, providing a gentle massage while brushing the coat. It easily removes knots without tugging or pulling at the fur.

  23. Arlie Heidebrecht

    Very impressed with how quickly their team answered questions before making purchase

  24. Karma Chaput

    I recently purchased a pet comb from this website, and it has been an absolute lifesaver! The bristles are gentle enough to use on my dog’s fur without causing any irritation or discomfort, while still being effective at removing tangles and mats. It’s also very easy to clean after each use.

  25. Luann Apgar

    I’m so glad I purchased this pet comb – it works great for detangling my dog’s hair. Much better quality than what other sellers offer at the same price point. Would definitely recommend!

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