Dematter Tool


  • NO-PAIN DEMATTING COMBS: Designed to remove mats & tangles from your pet’s fur with
    quickness & no pain at all, this dematting comb tool makes it easy to groom your dog.
    Grooming your dog has never been easier!
  • PREFERRED DEMATTER TOOL: Everyone from professional dog groomers & shelter
    owners to everyday pet owners prefer our dematting dog comb. It features mini blades that
    gently but efficiently cut through matted hair.
  • BEST CHOICE FOR POODLES: This really is the best dematting tool for poodles, show dogs,
    pomeranians & other long haired breeds susceptible to fur matting. It’s the #1 dematting comb
    for small dogs with lusciously long locks.
  • ?ANTI-SLIP RUBBERIZED GRIP: To help you reach the undercoat of your precious pooch
    without worrying about slipping, the handle of our dematting tool for dogs has been finished
    with a non-slip grip for easy grabbing.
  • UPGRADED W/ HANGING HOLE: Stow the handheld dematter comb for dogs on a hook in
    your grooming room, on the porch or in the shed. The end of the handle has a hole through it,
    allowing it to be hung up out of the way.

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The easiest to use dematting tool has finally arrived! Tired of fumbling around with clunky
grooming equipment that doesn’t

effectively remove matted clumps? Getting your dog ready for show & need to perfect his or her coat
with the use of professional

dematting products for dogs? This here dematting comb rake is just the solution. It’s safely & gently
removes tangles & knots.

Pain-Free Dematting Comb for Dogs – Scared to use grooming blades, scissors or knives to
cut matted fur when grooming

your dog at home? No worries. These grooming tools for dogs QUIETLY, QUICKLY & EASILY chop
up clumps of matted hair.

Anti-Slip Handle for Extra Safety – Never again worry about the grooming utensil becoming
hard to grab. The handle has

been equipped with a rubberized finish, which means it is easier to hold. No more slipping, sliding or
losing grip when grooming.

Ultra Durable Stainless Steel Teeth – Made out of stainless steel, the bladed teeth of our
dematting comb for long haired dogs

& animals are strong enough to last a lifetime. It’s the best de-matting comb for cats & dogs that pro
groomers & pet owners trust.

Can Be Used On ALL Hairy Pets – While most commonly used as a de-matting tool for dogs,

this dematter brush can also be

used to maintain the coats of horses & other furry animals. The multipurpose tool makes a perfect cat
comb for matted hair removal!

Suggested Uses: Use the pet dematting comb in replace of any dog grooming rake. You can use it to
groom just about any pet that

has fur, including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc. Why take your pet to the groomer
when you can groom him/her?

Reveal the best of your dog’s coat with a dematting comb pet grooming tool. Click ‘ADD TO
‘ to order your Poodle Pet dematter!


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