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    tangled knots from dense undercoats, this dog rake is the best option. The specially designed
    rotating pins pull out the loose hair from the undercoat without hurting the dog. 2 rows of
    precision tapered, rotating pins gently remove mats and loose undercoat without tearing out
    other hair.
  • TO USE: It is important to get the brush down to the skin as massaging action helps loosen and
    remove dandruff flakes. Start by gently grooming down the back & towards the tail, being
    careful not to harm eyes or ears. Smooth your dog’s neck brushing downwards. If your dog has
    long hair on the back of the legs (feathering), comb it out as it has a tendency to tangle. Lastly,
    brush gently on the soft underbelly to remove any remaining loose hair.
  • REDUCE SHEDDING BY UP TO 90% AFTER ONE SESSION: The Poodle Pet rake features smooth,
    rounded pins that penetrate deep into your dog’s coat to remove loose undercoat. While you
    cannot stop a healthy dog from normal shedding, you can reduce the amount of hair in your
    home by brushing your dog regularly with the Poodle Pet Dog Rake.
    breeds, heavy coats, and rustic coat types. They work exceptionally well on any breed that is
    hand-stripped like many of the Sporting or Terrier breeds. Just be sure to monitor your progress
    as you work this tool over the dog.
    equestrian horses that have short, medium or long hair. On shedding breeds, they can remove
    dead, fuzzy undercoat in minutes, while leaving the top coat shiny and healthy. On harsh-coated
    dogs, they mimic the hand-stripped look quickly and easily.

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Get Control of Shedding

Shedding is a natural part of a dog’s life and he
will shed even more as the weather gets warmer. However, hair looks better on your dog compared to
your living room couch. You can minimize shedding with regular grooming, which will also help to keep
your dog’s skin and coat healthy and clean. This way, you can spend less time vacuuming and more time
playing together.

Why Choose Poodle Pet

Poodle pet’s innovative
design lets air reach the skin and stimulates hair follicles to release healthy oils. Most grooming brushes
have a single row of pins that become clogged, making hair removal a painful process. Our design
ensures a comfortable, exciting grooming session for your dog, cat, rabbit, or horse. It’s the gentlest way
to get your furry friend looking their best.

About This Product

PET’S primary defense against pets’ shedding is simply brushing, and all you’ll need is one tool for the
job: a Poodle Pet Dog Grooming Rake. Thankfully this amazing tool is affordable and the most effective
method of getting deep into their coat and gently brushing away all those trapped hairs.

Undercoat Rake with Rotating Pins is designed for dogs with thick, heavy coats or with undercoats. The
rotating teeth pull through the dog’s coat without damaging it. Comfort grip handles make grooming
your dog a pleasure.

15 reviews for Pet Grooming Rake

  1. Nathen Penticoff

    This grooming rake is a great tool for keeping your pet’s coat looking neat and healthy. It easily removes tangles and knots from their fur, making it look smooth and shiny. The handle is comfortable to hold, allowing you to groom your pet with ease. The teeth on the rake are also sturdy enough for tough mats without damaging the fur or skin underneath. However, the price point may be too high for some people who just need a basic grooming tool.

  2. Mignon Porterfield

    Keep your pet’s coat looking neat and tidy with this amazing grooming tool! It quickly untangles knots without pulling or snagging hair, giving you a professional-looking result every time you groom your furry companion. Plus, it’s designed with an ergonomic handle so using it is comfortable and easy – no more sore hands after brushing sessions!

  3. Shakira Gabbay

    This Pet Comb does exactly what advertised : provides quick efficient way detangle even most matted up coats thanks combination sturdy pins & rounded tips which help reduce tugging & pulling experience usually associated brushing process !! Additionally ,material used build body appears be good quality should stand test time well despite regular usage although one thing wish came differently would length handle since shorter than expected may make harder maneuver certain spots

  4. Davie Wittlinger

    This handy device works wonders on my long haired cat’s tangled mane of fur; he looks like a brand new kitty after I’ve used it on him ! Not only does his hair look super neat again but he seems happier too since there was less tugging involved during the process

  5. Kavon Mayrose

    My dog loves it when I use this to brush out her coat – she looks so much better afterwards! The bristles are soft enough that she doesn’t mind me using it on her at all.

  6. Lyndon Schlehuber

    This item has made grooming my pup a breeze – no more tears or fussing over painful mats anymore! She now enjoys getting brushed thanks to this amazing tool which is gentle yet effective at de-tangling her thick coat quickly and easily every time we groom her together

  7. Polk Salcido

    The Dog Grooming Rake is a great tool for keeping your pup’s coat looking its best. It easily removes excess fur, tangles and mats while helping to evenly distribute natural oils throughout the coat. The rake is easy to use with its ergonomic handle and sharp teeth that help get the job done quickly. However, some users have found it difficult to clean after each use due to all of the hair that gets stuck in between the teeth of this grooming tool.

  8. Edwin Shinabarger

    I’ve been using this grooming rake on my dog’s thick coat every week since I got it last month – so far so good! It easily untangles her hair without pulling or hurting her in any way; she even seems to enjoy being brushed with it! The handle feels comfortable in my hand while brushing which makes things easier as well; however, there have been times when some of its teeth have come loose after extended use which can be annoying at times but not necessarily deal-breaking either way .

  9. Mona Cannone

    This product is great for detangling matted fur without causing any discomfort or pain to your furry friend! The handle makes it easy to maneuver around tough spots as well as being comfortable in the hand while brushing out those stubborn knots and tangles.

  10. Brittnie Tung

    The Dog Grooming Rake by Poodle Pet is an excellent tool for removing mats and tangles from your pup’s fur. It has a stainless steel comb with long teeth that are perfect for getting through tough knots, while the ergonomic handle makes grooming comfortable and easy to do. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an effective way to keep your dog’s coat healthy and tangle-free!

  11. Phyllis Mcgehee

    Highly satisfied with this product – it combs through knots easily while being gentle enough for sensitive skin.

  12. Stephania Swirsky

    This tool is perfect for removing knots and tangles from your pet’s fur. It glides through their coat with ease, leaving them looking smooth and well-groomed in no time!

  13. Abbey Grines

    I recently purchased this Dog Grooming Rake as part of my regular pet care regimen – what an amazing product! With just one pass through my pup’s thick undercoat his entire body was free from mats and tangles; something no brush could ever do alone in such little time!. Not only does this product work wonders but also feels really good in your hand thanks to its comfortable grip handle; making even longer groomings much more bearable than ever before!. On top of all these positives though comes one small downside – you must make sure you thoroughly clean out any trapped hairs within each tooth after every session otherwise they will begin clogging up over time if not properly taken care off..

  14. Derald Patocka

    I recently purchased a dog grooming rake from this website and am extremely pleased with the quality of product. The teeth on the rake are strong and durable, making it easy to remove mats, tangles, and dirt from my pup’s fur. It is also lightweight yet sturdy enough for use on larger dogs with thicker coats. Highly recommend!

  15. Linn Redway

    This grooming rake has made taking care of our pup’s long hair much easier than before – no more painful brushouts thanks to its sharp yet gentle teeth that glide through his knotty tresses like butter! We love how easy it is to clean afterwards as well since all we do is rinse off whatever dirt gets stuck between them under running water; however one downside would be that if used excessively then rusting might occur over time due to lack of proper maintenance .

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