Stainless steel dog comb – 2 pack


  • THE PERFECT ALL-IN-ONE COMB: Combination spacing allows for touching up and finishing your
    pet’s coat. The coarse spacing is great for breaking up the mat, loosening tangles and removing
    excess undercoat, while the medium side will remove that mat.
  • 2 SIZES FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE: With one purchase, you?ll receive a pack of 2 combs. One
    comb is more compact than the other, which makes it a useful travel comb for when you and
    your family are on the go.
    Cat Combs were built with your hand and wrist in mind. Whether it’s a tough coat you’re
    tackling, a longer grooming session, or just wanting the most comfortable experience – this
    comb is engineered for you.
  • TURN GROOMING TIME INTO BONDING TIME: Spending this time with your puppy creates great
    quality bonding time and provides the perfect opportunity to check your puppy for lumps,
    rashes, sores or parasites.
  • CAUTION: Call your veterinarian if you find anything suspicious. You know your pet intimately,
    and love it more than any professional grooming agent does, so when you spend that time
    carefully grooming your pet and you spot anything out of the ordinary, you?ll be the first one to
    know and to administer care.

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Not only does regular brushing decrease the quantity of fur floating around in your home, but it also
helps to keep the coat and skin of your dog healthy. Brushing arouses natural oils in your pet’s skin that
helps move dirt and debris along the hair shaft and away from your dog. In addition, it also helps
minimize the doggy smell. Regular brushing can remove any knots and tangles which, if left, can turn
into painful mats.

With the Poodle Pet Comb Set, your pet is sure to stay healthy and

Excellent Features Include:

·        2 sizes

·        Ergonomic Grip

·        Combination Spacing

·        Stainless Steel Pins


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