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  • #1 NAIL TRIMMER FOR SMALL PETS: Designed to safely trim the nails of small pets such as kitty cats, rabbits & lapdogs, these pet nail clippers are recommended for pro groomers & pet owners doing DIY grooming.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SCISSOR BLADES: The cutting blades used to craft our pet nail scissors are made out of strong stainless steel to ensure they’re durable & reusable for years to come. Save money on groomer bills!
  • TEXTURED ANTI-SLIP HANDLE GRIP: Lots of pet owners are wary of cutting their dog or cat’s nails, but they no longer have to be. Poodle Pet nail trimmers are outfitted with rubberized handles that prevent slipping.
  • QUICK SENSOR GUARD FOR SAFETY: To provide you with added peace of mind, we’ve also applied a quick sensor guard to the cutter blades. They’re the easiest & safest pet nail clippers with quick sensor at this price.
  • TOP CHOICE FOR HOME GROOMING: While the small pet nail clippers are preferred by professional groomers, they’re also essentials for everyday dog & cat owners. Use the mini scissors to keep your pet’s nails healthy.

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Pet owners tired of forking over big bucks for grooming bills are in for a surprise. Designed to be used
to professionals & non-professionals, our

small dog & cat nail scissors are the top rated DIY grooming supplies & available at an affordable
price. We can brag because they’re the best!

Small, Ergonomic, Easy to Handle: Poodle Pet nail clippers for small animals have been
designed to safely fit in the hand, making them super

easy to use when trimming, clipping or cutting your pet’s claws. Don’t scare your pet with loud
machines & grinders. These nail cutters are quiet.

Anti-Slip Grip Prevents Accidents: We’ve applied a slip-proof grip to the inside of pet nail
clippers trimmer holes to help avoid slippery

accidents. Can’t you see why these are the best pet nail trimmer clippers for those who are nervous
about cutting or trimming their pet’s nails?

Features Quick Sensor for Safety: To give you more confidence when clipping your small
pet’s nails, Poodle Pet nail trimmer for cats & dogs

has been upgraded with a quick sensor. The “quick” is the sensitive pink pad that bleeds when cut, but
these safety scissors prevent contact with it.

Best for DIY At Home Grooming: Save tons of money by ditching those groomer
appointments. Easily groom your own pet using our high

quality dog & cat grooming supplies. According to the pros, keeping your dog or cat’s nails trimmed is

essential for maintaining optimal health.

These cat nail clippers with finger rest & quick sensor make it so easy to groom your pet. Use them as
pet nail clippers for small dogs or use them

as pet nail clippers for cats. They’re our bestselling small dog & cat nail clippers with safety guard. +
They’re affordable. You can’t beat that.

Ready to experience the benefits of home grooming your pet? Order your purple Poodle Pet nail clipper


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