Soft Bristle Dog Brush


● BRUSH FOR SHORT FUR: Sturdy and soft bristles give your short
haired cats or dogs a thorough grooming. This pet brush provides gentle
and soothing grooming.

● BRISTLES DON’T FALL OF: This dog bristle brush is designed for
you and your pet. A durable brush that doesn’t come apart, it has bristles
that stay attached and upright, they don’t fall in.

● REMOVES TANGLES & DIRT: This firm bristle brush for dogs helps
you untangle fur, remove dirt, and loose hair. The flexible bristles are
not metal, giving your pet a thorough brushing that’s comfortable.

● NON-SLIP HANDLE: This rubbery handle is easy to grab onto and the
index tab is pleasant and comfortable for your hand. With this soft
bristle dog brush, a long brushing session can be enjoyable for you and
your pet.

● PROMOTES HEALTHY COAT: Brushing spreads natural oils through
the coat so your pet looks its best. It also increases blood circulation and
prevents mats leaving the fur smooth and shiny.

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Brush and massage your dog with the soft bristle dog brush pets love.

The soft bristle brush for dogs is recommended for short haired fur on dogs or cats. It
can also work for long-haired pets. A pleasant massage brush, your dog will be thrilled
it’s brushing time, and you’ll be thrilled with the results. The bristles are soft, sturdy, and
flexible for thorough brushing that feels good on the skin and leaves the fur smooth,
sleek, and shiny. Groom and pamper your dog or cat with soft brushing that doesn’t dig
into the skin. Get a grooming brush that feels like a massage.

Why use this soft pet hair brush:

  • Pins stay in – This brush is steady, sturdy, and strong. You won’t have to replace it often.
  • Less vacuuming – There will be less fur around the house every day.
  • Rubber handle – Your hand won’t hurt or slip and hurt your dog.
  • Hanger hole – Hook it in the garage shed or kennel so you can always reach for

What this soft bristle brush does:

  • Removes loose fur, dander, and trapped grime or dirt.
  • Stimulates skin and spreads natural oils for a healthy coat.
  • Massage your pet for a soothing treat.

Who this bristle brush is for:

  • Pets with short hair.
  • Pets with thin coats.
  • Humans! – Yes, this brush is awesome for you too if you have thin or frizzy

Tips for brushing your pet:

  • Groom your pet outside – you won’t need to pick up hairs that fall to the floor.
  • Watch your pet as you brush – they might want a longer massage somewhere.
  • Use it after a bath – it’s easier when the fur is clean and dry.

Use this soft dog brush for short haired dogs so your dog will enjoy his grooming.


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