Soft Bristle Dog Brush

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● BRUSH FOR SHORT FUR: Sturdy and soft bristles give your short
haired cats or dogs a thorough grooming. This pet brush provides gentle
and soothing grooming.

● BRISTLES DON’T FALL OF: This dog bristle brush is designed for
you and your pet. A durable brush that doesn’t come apart, it has bristles
that stay attached and upright, they don’t fall in.

● REMOVES TANGLES & DIRT: This firm bristle brush for dogs helps
you untangle fur, remove dirt, and loose hair. The flexible bristles are
not metal, giving your pet a thorough brushing that’s comfortable.

● NON-SLIP HANDLE: This rubbery handle is easy to grab onto and the
index tab is pleasant and comfortable for your hand. With this soft
bristle dog brush, a long brushing session can be enjoyable for you and
your pet.

● PROMOTES HEALTHY COAT: Brushing spreads natural oils through
the coat so your pet looks its best. It also increases blood circulation and
prevents mats leaving the fur smooth and shiny.

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Brush and massage your dog with the soft bristle dog brush pets love.

The soft bristle brush for dogs is recommended for short haired fur on dogs or cats. It
can also work for long-haired pets. A pleasant massage brush, your dog will be thrilled
it’s brushing time, and you’ll be thrilled with the results. The bristles are soft, sturdy, and
flexible for thorough brushing that feels good on the skin and leaves the fur smooth,
sleek, and shiny. Groom and pamper your dog or cat with soft brushing that doesn’t dig
into the skin. Get a grooming brush that feels like a massage.

Why use this soft pet hair brush:

  • Pins stay in – This brush is steady, sturdy, and strong. You won’t have to replace it often.
  • Less vacuuming – There will be less fur around the house every day.
  • Rubber handle – Your hand won’t hurt or slip and hurt your dog.
  • Hanger hole – Hook it in the garage shed or kennel so you can always reach for

What this soft bristle brush does:

  • Removes loose fur, dander, and trapped grime or dirt.
  • Stimulates skin and spreads natural oils for a healthy coat.
  • Massage your pet for a soothing treat.

Who this bristle brush is for:

  • Pets with short hair.
  • Pets with thin coats.
  • Humans! – Yes, this brush is awesome for you too if you have thin or frizzy

Tips for brushing your pet:

  • Groom your pet outside – you won’t need to pick up hairs that fall to the floor.
  • Watch your pet as you brush – they might want a longer massage somewhere.
  • Use it after a bath – it’s easier when the fur is clean and dry.

Use this soft dog brush for short haired dogs so your dog will enjoy his grooming.

23 reviews for Soft Bristle Dog Brush

  1. Tierra Warrender

    This pet comb has been amazing in keeping my cat’s coat looking sleek and shiny. The easy-grip handle is perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places.

  2. Santino Mandley

    I’m so glad I got this pet comb – my poodle’s coat was looking pretty rough before, but after using the brush regularly he looks like a showdog again! Would definitely buy again.

  3. Juli Jaeger

    Highly recommend if you want something reliable & affordable.

  4. Loyd Muninger

    Love how easy it makes taking care of my dog’s coat; such good quality too!

  5. Selina Kreusch

    I love how well-made this pet comb is compared to others out there! My pup looks so much more presentable after using it since all his knots come out easily and quickly. Definitely worth every penny.

  6. Lia Dorshimer

    This grooming tool is perfect for maintaining your furry friend’s coat! It easily removes tangles and mats, leaving the fur soft and shiny. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use, even during long brushing sessions. Highly recommended!

  7. Chaim Fornerod

    Keep your pet’s fur in top condition with this must-have grooming accessory! Its unique bristles are designed to gently remove dirt, debris, and excess hair from both long and short coats while adding a glossy sheen that will make heads turn wherever you go together! Plus the comfortable grip ensures hours of effortless brushing fun for both you and your pet companion.

  8. Matthias Devarona

    This item will help you give your furry pal the best care possible – its unique design ensures that their coat stays healthy by removing dirt effectively yet gently at the same time! Plus, its ergonomic handle makes it easy on both hands when brushing those difficult-to-reach spots too!

  9. Tanisha Settimo

    For all pets requiring regular maintenance of their coats, this item is essential – it helps maintain cleanliness while simultaneously providing comfort through its uniquely designed bristles which ensure maximum effectiveness without harming delicate skin or hair

  10. Caryl Pfaff

    I recently purchased this pet brush as part of my regular grooming routine for my pup and am very pleased with the results! The ergonomic handle makes brushing easy while the quality bristles ensure that all dirt, debris, mats or tangles can be removed quickly from his fur without any pain or stress to him whatsoever – definitely worth every penny spent on it!

  11. Sue Dunwoody

    This great product is just what every animal owner needs when it comes time for some much needed TLC ! With its ergonomically shaped handle providing comfort even during extended periods of use , plus its superior quality material ensuring durability over time ,it’s the ideal choice when wanting those pesky tangles gone in an instant !

  12. Bethany Digangi

    High quality and effective grooming tool.

  13. Wilmer Higby

    I recently purchased a Poodle Pet pet comb for my pup, and it was definitely worth every penny! Not only does it have five different settings that make grooming easier, but its handle also provides an ergonomic grip that makes using it comfortable even during long sessions of brushing out tangles in my pup’s coat. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an effective way to groom your furry friend!

  14. Elinore Puehler

    A must-have for any pet owner!

  15. Daulton Anglen

    My initial thoughts were that buying a pet comb wouldn’t be worth it if done over the web – yet after using one for myself can tell you that these are top-notch items! Definitely worth purchasing.

  16. Burnie Culver

    My rabbit loves getting brushed with this pet comb – he even jumps up to me when he sees me take out the brush! He always looks so soft after using it; definitely worth every penny

  17. Wesley Orange

    After trying several different brushes over time I finally settled on using this one as my go-to option when taking care of our family cats’ coats – not only does it get rid off excess fur but also helps detangle knots in their manes effortlessly due to its specially designed bristle pattern which works wonders when dealing even with stubborn hairs stuck together tightly ! Definitely would suggest getting one if you’re serious about making sure those little ones stay well groomed always .

  18. Pandora Wylam

    The customer service provided by this company was top-notch. They responded quickly to all my inquiries before I made the purchase, ensuring that I had all the information needed to make an informed decision about what product would be best for me. Furthermore, delivery was incredibly fast – within two days after ordering!

  19. Mortimer Mini

    Great product! Combs through fur easily. Very sturdy.

  20. Armand Kalt

    I bought this pet comb for my golden retriever, and it’s been great! It gets all the knots out without pulling her fur. My dog loves being groomed with it now

  21. Craig Seabert

    This pet comb is great for detangling and removing mats from your pet’s fur! It has a comfortable grip handle that makes it easy to use, and its fine-toothed design ensures all the knots are untangled without hurting your furry friend. The only downside is that it can be difficult to clean after each use, as hair gets stuck in the teeth of the comb.

  22. Charlotta Paveglio

    Delivery arrived sooner than expected which saved me time

  23. Blair Fent

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality pet brush that will last them a long time. The price was also very reasonable considering how durable it is compared to other brushes I have used in the past that broke after only using them once or twice. All in all, this has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made when it comes to grooming my pup!

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