Easy Click Car Seat Belt For Dogs


  • DOG SEAT BELT STRAP: This dog carabiner seat belt ties your dog to
    the car with a human-like strap. Prevent your dog from flying out of the
    car in case of an accident or from jumping out when you’re preoccupied.
  • STURDY SEAT BELT BUCKLE: Designed like a car buckle, this pet
    seat belt tether for cars is identical to your car buckle. It snaps securely,
    just like a human seat belt, and fits most vehicles in the back seat or front
  • DURABLE ADJUSTABLE LEASH: The strong nylon material feels like
    the seat belts you know. Adjust it to fit the
    size of your dog and allow him to stand, sit, or lay down comfortably.
  • EASY TO USE: Attach the metal seat belt clips to your dogs safety
    harness, then buckle it into the car seat belt outlet. With this easy click
    seat belt, your dog is secure and won’t distract you during driving.
  • SAFE SECURE PET RESTRAINT: The seatbelt clip is made of aircraft
    aluminum to withstand tension of 850+ lbs, and provide security during an
    accident. The swivel keeps the belt from getting twisted around your dog.
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Game changer for peace of mind when your pet is in the car.

This car seat belts for dogs restrains your pet in the car so he can’t jump out, jump
onto your lap, or do other distracting and dangerous behaviours.

Keep you and your pup safe by driving with the safest dog seat belt.
Poodle Pet’s dog seat belt  was designed for your (and your dog’s!) safety,
comfort, and convenience.


  • Strong metal carabiner clip keeps dog attached
  • Swivel attachment prevents tangles
  • Adjustable belt length so he can only move where he’s safe


  • Adjustable belt length so your dog is comfortable stretching, laying or sitting
  • Comfortable driving – your dog isn’t jumping back and forth and inducing


  • Identical to a car’s seat belt, you just need to slip this into place.

This is the best dog seat belt for safe, convenient, and comfortable driving.


  • Thick strong nylon
  • Thick quality metal
  • Adjustable length

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S 11- 15, M 13-19, L 15-24, EX L 16-28


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