Rechargeable Dog Training Collar With Remote


● 3 TRAINING MODES: This dog care shock collar with remote gives
you 3 modes to communicate with your dog so you can use the most
gentle option that works. It uses beep, vibration, and shock modes with
99 adjustable levels.

● FAR REMOTE RANGE: Go on hikes, play in the park, or lounge
outdoors, and control your dog even when it’s far away. This far-ranging
dog beeper trainer gives you control up to 3000 feet away.

● ADJUSTABLE & WATERPROOF COLLAR: This buzz collar can be
adjusted from 9.5” to 26” to fit any size dog. The collar is waterproof so
it won’t get damaged in rainy weather and so you can talk to your
swimming dog.

● EXTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE: When fully charged the remote
training collar lasts for up to 300 hours of use. When using it for 12
hours a day, that’s 25 days of use! This is a double battery of 650 mAh.

● SAFE FOR YOUR DOG: Our dog buzz collar with remote follows
health, safety, and environmental protection standards. The collar
complies with the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic

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Get your dog under control without spending money on expensive

This dog training collar helps you communicate and train your dog so they will stop
barking, biting, jumping on people or destroying things.

This dog electric training collar is safe for your dog:

  • Adjustable collar fits comfortably and securely
  • Soft silicon where it touches your pet so it doesn’t irritate
  • Keylock function prevents unintentional communication
  • Earned CE and RoHS certificates for safety

Train your dog gently and directly. Start with the lowest level notifications to elicit a
response from your dog. If you need more attention you can increase the level of
communication without alarming or hurting your dog.

The remote has 6 function buttons so you know exactly what to press when
you want to do something:

  • Power keylock button
  • Beep button
  • Vibration button
  • Shock button
  • Channel button
  • Led torch light button

The remote transmitter has an LCD display and level up/down buttons. The collar
receiver has a power button and an indicator light.


  • Function: beep, vibration, shock
  • 99 adjustable communication levels
  • The transmitter can support 2 channels/train 2 dogs
  • Remote range: 1000m/1100yd/3000f
  • Suitable dog: 15-120lbs
  • Collar length: 9.5-26”
  • CE and RoHS certificates
  • Waterproof

What’s included:

  • Rechargeable receiver and transmitter
  • Collar
  • Charging adapter

With this remote dog training collar there’s no longer any need to fear the barking,
hunting, digging, and destroying. You can respectfully teach your dog what you want him
to do or not to do. It works, without paying the exorbitant fees on professional trainers.

You train your dog to listen to YOU.


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