Pet Water Feeder

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  • EASY TO MOUNT WATER FEEDER: Designed to quickly & easily mount onto the side of
    your pet cage or dog kennel using a turnable ?fixer ? wheel, this water feeder makes it easy to
    care for your precious pooch or kitty.
  • QUICK, EASY TO REFILL BOTTLE: Unlike the average water feeder for dogs & cats, this
    one comes with a bottle that couldn’t be easier to fill. All you have to do is turn it over, unscrew
    the top, fill with water & then re-screw.
  • KEEPS PETS HAPPY & HYDRATED: Make sure your pet is happy & hydrated while you’re
    away with the reusable Poodle Pet kennel water feeder! It allows you to provide water for your
    kenneled dog without the wet messes.
  • GREAT CHOICE FOR DOG KENNEL: Since it never drips unless your pet taps the tip with
    his or her tongue, this unique gravity kennel water dispenser ensures your pal can safely drink
    whenever he or she is thirsty.?BEST AFFORDABLE PET SUPPLIES: We here at Poodle Pet make it our top priority to
    provide high quality cat & dog supplies pet owners can depend on. This dog water gravity
    dispenser is one of our bestsellers!

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Leave it to us to design the perfect dog water dispenser for crate training! Poodle Pet is a brand that
delivers the goods when it comes to

reliable pet supplies for busy dog & cat owners. This uniquely designed water feeder for dog kennel
settings is certainly no exception.

Made Out of Eco-Friendly, Pet-Safe Materials: The Poodle Pet dog water spout is crafted
out of eco-friendly materials to ensure

the finest & safest quality for your four-legged members of the family. We care for your pets by
carrying a range of safe pet supplies!

Unbelievably Easy to Mount On Side of Crate: Quit fussing around with a clunky dog water
dispenser that doesn’t quite sit right.

This dog kennel water dispenser is SO simple to install. All you have to do is attach the turning wheel
to tighten the dog water spigot.

Use Our Bottle or Your Own of the Same Size: Unlike the typical dog water feeder, this one
comes with a water bottle you can use

or you can replace it with your own water bottle of the same size. You never have to worry about
finding compatible replacements!

Recommended for Puppies, Kitties, Hamsters: This really is the best water feeder for a
happy & healthy pet. Though typically

used as kennel water bottle for dogs, it can also be used as a water feeder for cats, a water feeder for

rabbits or a hamster water feeder.

☆ 1,2,3 Quick & Easy Install

☆ Replaceable Water Bottle

☆ Eco-Friendly Materials

☆ Pet Owner Must-Haves

This kennel water bottle is helpful for pet owners who are crate training or who have to use a kennel to
contain their rambunctious

puppies & kitties. You no longer have to cleaner up wet messes from spilling water bowls. It’s super
easy, safe & 100% mess-free.

Make sure your pet never goes thirsty. Click ‘ADD TO CART‘ to order your Poodle Pet
upsidedown kennel water bottle today!

12 reviews for Pet Water Feeder

  1. Scot Vizarro

    Keep your pet happy and healthy with this convenient device! The automated design eliminates the need for manual refills so you can rest assured knowing Fido or Fluffy will never go thirsty again!

  2. Goldia Sandin

    The pet water feeder is a great solution for busy pet owners who need to make sure their pets stay hydrated while they’re away. It’s easy to set up and use, and the adjustable timer allows you to customize when your pet gets its water throughout the day. I would definitely recommend it!

  3. Prentiss Darracott

    This product allows you to provide constant access of clean drinking water to any type of pet without having worry about constantly checking on them during their busy days out playing around in the yard or exploring indoors – making life simpler both yours and theirs alike!.

  4. Jeremie Rice

    This pet water feeder has been a lifesaver for my busy schedule! I don’t have enough time in the day to keep up with filling my dog’s bowl, but this product makes it super easy and convenient for me – plus, he loves drinking from it too! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something reliable yet affordable when it comes to keeping your pup hydrated all day long.

  5. Javion Ottinger

    No more worrying about whether or not your beloved animal companion is getting enough fluids – just set up this helpful tool and let it do all of the work for you! With its hassle-free operation, keeping pets well watered couldn’t be easier than with this device at hand!.

  6. Helmer Mcquinn

    If convenience is what you seek , then look no further than this fantastic automatic watering system designed specifically with pets in mind ! Whether going out on extended business trips or simply wanting some extra peace-of-mind while at work , this device provides assurance that Fido won’t be left parched come mealtime !

  7. Tyshawn Tilman

    Make sure your four-legged family member stays hydrated all day long with this handy gadget! Its user-friendly design makes it simple enough even for beginners, while its reliable construction ensures no spills or messes ever occur in between refills.

  8. Columbus Croney

    The design of this pet water feeder is fantastic – sleek and modern looking while also being durable enough that even our most active dogs can’t break or knock over easily like other models we’ve tried before! Plus, the adjustable flow rate feature allows us customize how quickly they get their drink which helps prevent spills or messes around our home as well as making sure they stay properly hydrated at all times during the hot summer days ahead of us here in California . Highly recommended purchase!!

  9. Andres Techau

    This pet water feeder has been an absolute lifesaver for me! Not having to worry about my pup getting enough fluids each day has given me peace of mind, knowing that he will always have access when needed without any fuss from me or anyone else in the house. Highly recommended!

  10. Nellie Kirkhart

    This product was exactly what I was looking for – a reliable way of making sure my cats are well-hydrated during long days at work or on vacation trips away from home without needing someone else’s help every time we go out of town . Easy setup and intuitive operation makes this one a winner in our household!

  11. Junius Boderick

    The pet water feeder is a great way to ensure that your pet stays hydrated throughout the day without you having to worry about constantly refilling their water bowl. It’s easy to use, and I love that it has an adjustable flow rate so you can adjust how much water is dispensed each time. Highly recommend!

  12. Jamir Sweezy

    This automatic water dispenser is an essential for anyone who has a pet that needs to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s easy to use and ensures your furry friend always has access to fresh, clean water whenever they need it!

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