Portable Pet Water Dispenser


  • FUN DOG WATER BOTTLE FOR WALKING: Some dogs don?t take well to drinking from water
    bottles, but it can be inconvenient and heavy to carry a normal dog bowl around with you
    whenever you go out with your dog. Enter Poodle Pet Portable Water Dispenser.
  • BOTTLE WITH TRAY ATTACHED: This dog water bottle comes with the bowl attached! The bottle
    needs to be prefilled and screwed into place, and then the entire set can easily be hooked up to
    your belt, pants, bicycle, or backpack.
  • EXCELLENT WATER FLOW WHEN SQUEEZED: To use, simple prop the bottle to a vertical position,
    squeeze the bottle, and fresh water will flow onto the dog tray. Keep supporting the water
    bottle with your hand or lean it against something to keep it upright.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, LEAK PROOF FOR ON THE GO: With a 17 oz. capacity, this water bottle carries
    enough water to keep your dog hydrated for long summer walks, and yet it is small enough to
    stay light and easy to transport.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: This bottle can be thrown into the dishwasher for a quick washing cycle, but
    it is best to wash it using a bottle brush, warm water and dishwashing soap.

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Water is one of the most important things to provide our pets with, whether we’re taking them
outside for exercise or spending time in the house.

Water bottles are the best way to transport
water for our pets, but normal water bottles aren’t easy for our pets to drink from – they’re designed for

The Poodle Pet’s Travel Water Bottle and Matching Tray keeps your dog clean and hydrated
whether inside or on the run.

Excellent Features

·        BPA Free Plastic

·        Lightweight Design

·        17 oz. Large Capacity


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