Round Bristle Pet Brush

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  • SUPERB QUALITY: The grooming brush is made of strong plastic material for long-lasting wear
    and tear; rubber sides are comfortable to hold onto and help you keep a sturdy grip, even with a
    fidgety pet
  • SMART DESIGN: This pet grooming tool has a hanger hole so you can hang it where you need it;
    the thumb rest allows you to hold the brush securely with just the right amount of pressure
  • STURDY SOFT BRISTLES: This pet brush has strong bristles with rounded edges; stroke your pet
    fearlessly – it won’t damage or scratch sensitive skin. Suitable for face and paw too – your pet will
    love this new massage!
  • THOROUGH DOG & CAT BRUSHING: This brush combs your pet hair thoroughly and gently;
    remove loose undercoat, shed fur, dander, and trapped dirt; works for short or long hair on dogs
    and cats
  • MAINTAIN PET HEALTH: Regular brushing helps maintain a pet’s healthy coat, increases blood
    circulation and prevents mats by leaving a pet’s coat smooth and shiny; it also keeps the air
    cleaner and healthier.

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A gift for you and your pet.

It’s cuddle time with our Poodle Pet Soft Brush. With smooth plastic and rounded tips, this
grooming brush is more like a massage than a – let’s get all the knots out – brushing. Brushing slowly,
you’ll find that this tool can remove loose undercoat, shed fur, dander, and trapped grime or dirt. It
prevents and helps remove mats too.

Dogs or cats with long and short hair enjoy this all in one brush.

A sampling of pets that find comfort with the soft pet brush:

Sheltie, Cavalier King Charles / English Springer Spaniel, Collie, Maltipoos, Shih Tzu, Irish
Wolfhound, Persian Cat, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Italian Greyhound,
Australian Shepard, Jackrussell, Smooth Hair Terrier, Schnauzer, German Shepherd,

The best part of this pet brush:

  • Cleaner home! – a lot less fur around the house or on furniture
  • Less vacuuming! – you won’t be turning it on every day
  • Special time! – your pet will come to you for a cuddle – they love this brush massage
  • Clean & healthy! – your pet will be healthier with a coat that’s sleek and fresh

Tips for using this round brush:

  • Groom your pet outside – no need to pick up hairs that flutter away
  • Watch your pet as you brush – they might want a longer massage somewhere
  • Use it after a bath – when the fur is clean and dry – get a sleek and shiny coat

Why this brush is so good:

  • Durable bristles – brush hairs are sturdy and strong yet gentle
  • Comfortable handle – it’s smooth and comes with a nice rubber grip
  • Lightweight – there’s no need to give your wrist a workout
  • Thumb rest – apply pressure to the right spots so your arm doesn’t ache and your pet doesn’t run
  • Hanger hole – hook it on the wall indoors or outdoors so you can always reach for it – great for a
    garage, shed, or kennel

26 reviews for Round Bristle Pet Brush

  1. Sena Mearse

    This pet comb is the perfect tool for keeping your furry friend looking their best! The design of the handle makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of time when grooming your pet, and its wide teeth make detangling even thick coats easy work. Great value for money too

  2. Ailene Shawe

    This grooming tool is perfect for keeping your furry friend looking their best! It works wonders on long and short haired animals, leaving them with a beautiful shine and soft coat. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use while its durable materials ensure it can handle regular brushing sessions without any wear or tear.

  3. Amiyah Makovec

    Great value & quality – would buy again without hesitation

  4. Mariann Smithberger

    Get ready to give your four-legged buddy an extra special pampering session with this amazing brush! Whether they have thick fur or thinning locks, the specially designed bristles will help keep their coat healthy by removing knots as well as loose hairs quickly but carefully so that no damage occurs during each session of gentle combing pleasure..

  5. Audrina Capano

    Highly recommended if you want something that will last long term

  6. Litzy Shoobridge

    Love this pet comb! It does a great job of getting through thick matted fur without pulling or hurting the animal.

  7. Shenna Losardo

    My search for a good pet comb ended when I found this one online! It does an amazing job of getting rid of knots in my cat’s fur without tugging or pulling too hard – something that was missing with other combs from different sellers.

  8. Vanesa Diewold

    I’m very pleased with this purchase. The pet comb is easy to use and works quickly, even on long-haired pets.

  9. Tracie Ruedas

    Overall, I am extremely impressed with this pet grooming brush and would give it 5 stars without hesitation! If you need something that will make your furry friend look their best then definitely check out this product – you won’t be disappointed!.

  10. Tiera Ferrandino

    Overall, this has been one of my most positive online shopping experiences in recent memory due to both high-quality products as well as great customer service from start to finish. Highly recommend purchasing your pet brushes here if you’re looking for something reliable at a good price point!

  11. Faith Wandersee

    The Poodle Pet pet comb is a great choice for anyone looking to keep their pet’s fur healthy and well-groomed. It has five different settings, so you can choose the perfect one for your particular breed of dog or cat. The handle is comfortable to hold and the teeth on the comb are sharp enough to get through even thick fur without pulling or tugging excessively. I highly recommend this product!

  12. Wynona Urias

    This pet comb works well at detangling my cat’s long hair without causing too much discomfort or pulling their fur out in clumps like other combs can do sometimes! The handle is ergonomically designed so it fits comfortably in your hand while you work through those pesky knots – however, I have found that this comb tends to break easily if dropped or put under pressure by accident which could be an issue for some users who are clumsy with their grooming tools!

  13. Cordella Fennern

    What a great buy – the price was very reasonable considering how much I got from it: a good quality, long-lasting tool that does its job perfectly when used correctly (and without hurting your beloved animal). Highly recommended if you’re searching for an effective way of keeping your pets groomed properly without breaking the bank!

  14. Catrina Abron

    I highly recommend this pet grooming brush to anyone looking for an efficient way to groom their furry friends! Not only does it effectively remove dirt and debris from coats, but its ergonomic design makes brushing comfortable for both you and your pet! Its lightweight construction ensures that you can use it with ease even when your arms get tired during lengthy sessions of brushing.

  15. Kadyn Koza

    If you’re in search of a great quality pet brush then look no further than this one right here – its sturdy construction ensures long-term usage while its soft yet effective bristles make sure your furry friend stays clean at all times with minimal effort required from you during the process too! Highly recommend giving it a try if you want premium performance out of your daily grooming sessions with your beloved pets .

  16. Cinthia Schwoerer

    My rabbit used to hate brushing time because of how painful other combs were…but not any more thanks to this one! He actually enjoys getting brushed now.

  17. Abbey Wadlinger

    If you’re looking for a way to keep your pet’s fur in top condition, then this product is an excellent choice! Its bristles are designed specifically to remove dirt and debris while also smoothing out knots without damaging the delicate hairs of your beloved companion.

  18. Cori Buschmann

    This pet brush is an excellent product! It’s made of durable materials and is comfortable to use, so it will last a long time. The bristles are gentle on my dog’s coat and help remove dirt, debris, and loose hair easily without causing discomfort or irritation. I highly recommend this pet brush for anyone looking for a reliable grooming tool!

  19. Horace Drone

    Easy maintenance & comfortable grip makes this perfect

  20. Derek Ehler

    Does a good job removing knots and tangles from fur.

  21. Asha Derocher

    Had some reservations when getting this pet comb on the internet but am really happy with how easy it makes grooming my rabbit – would highly suggest!

  22. Jamison Saragusa

    The bristles are soft yet firm enough for effective brushing of my dog’s fur without causing any discomfort or irritation. The handle is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in my hand while using it on our pup – no more straining or cramping from trying to groom her myself! Additionally, cleaning and maintaining the brush is simple; all you need is some warm water and soap every now-and-then for optimal performance.

  23. Minoru Leicht

    Say goodbye to tangled fur forever – invest in one of these incredible brushes today ! The sturdy yet lightweight construction makes handling easy whilst also being strong enought o tackle all kinds of matted locks without breaking down after frequent usage . Your beloved pet deserves only the best care – get them groomed up now using this fantastic brush !

  24. Toby Cragle

    No more tangles or knots – perfect!

  25. Erasmus Zeoli

    Love this pet comb – its ergonomic design allows me to comfortably hold onto while grooming my pets without any strain or fatigue on my hands or wrists.

  26. Griffin Olubunmi

    Great product! Easy to use. Highly recommend

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